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Get the Glow You Deserve this Holiday Season with Our Shimmer Body Powder & More

Get the Glow You Deserve This Holiday Season with Our Alluring Shimmer Body Powder & More

At Alluring Faces Cosmetics, we know the makeup industry is forever changing. It felt like only yesterday when people wore heavy concealer, crazy amounts of bronzer, and had super-thin eyebrows. However, back in the 80s, 90s, and maybe even the 2000s, this was normal and just another makeup trend.

Like the above, there's another trend appearing. You may or may not have seen it in popular beauty magazines such as Vogue, Elle, and Allure. Regardless, this year's trend is glowing cosmetics.

Yep, you heard that right. Glowing beauty products. We're very excited about this trend and have adequately prepared the industry with three fabulous products: shimmer body powder, liquid makeup highlighter, and Illuminating makeup setting spray.

The 2022 fashion trend: Glowing skin

Before showcasing the three products we've brought to the cosmetic markets' latest trend, it's essential to discuss this newly established movement in the industry.

Early 2021 saw the rise of the Glow Skin Trend, which is still a big topic in the world of beauty in 2022. The glow skin trend's primary goal is for skin to appear young, healthy, and flawlessly smooth, which implies that there should be no pores, lumps, divots, or hair—and, most importantly—glowing.

The trend began with K-beauty celebrities as a reaction to the heavy makeup and extremely matte, powdery faces of pre-pandemic life. During and after the lockdown, and with the growing usage of masks, the emphasis has changed to looks that showcase natural skin and beauty care regimes, with glow-based cosmetics used sparingly.

Because of these celebrities developing the movement, it's become a worldwide beauty shift. And, undoubtedly, one that we're excited for. With more people focusing on skin health, daily beauty regimes, and sparingly applying glowing-based cosmetics, it was a movement that had to happen.

How can Alluring Faces Cosmetics help?

As cosmetic enthusiasts, we jumped on this opportunity. We thrive in developing entirely natural and vegan & cruelty-free makeup. So much so that we've been certified by the Leaping Bunny Program since 2020.

Alongside this, we love the industry. Our passion for cosmetics is like no other. And because of this, we've created three products to cater to the glowing cosmetics trend.

1. Simple Glow 360 Illuminator

Our first product we wanted to discuss is the Simple Glow 360 Illuminator. The product is a liquid makeup highlighter, allowing you to obtain that glowing-trendy look anywhere on your body.

With Simple Glow 360 Illuminator, you have two shade types: tropical bronze and rose gold. Each has been perfectly blended to present a lushes shine that enhances your skin tone.

Each of these colors is incredibly universal. You can use these as a simple glam-up during work or even a night out with friends. Whichever occasion, we can promise that it'll leave your skin glowing, smooth, and smelling great.

Including all of this, it's vegan and cruelty-free, like every one of our cosmetics. Therefore, you can apply this to your skin, knowing that nothing was harmed by developing this product.

How to use the Simple Glow 360 Illuminator

Using the Simple Glow 360 Illuminator is effortless and doesn't require major changes to your makeup routine. Simply follow the below guide to achieve the best results:

  1. Add a drop of your favorite foundation and our liquid highlighter

  2. Mix each of the drops together until you develop a soft dewy bronze look

  3. When you reach this, you can apply it anywhere on your body that you want to highlight, contour, or attract attention.

Our glowing beauty products aren't only high quality and lush. Including this, they can get fitted into your makeup routine seamlessly.

2. Shimmer body powder

Everybody deserves a subtle, glittery shimmer wherever and whenever they want. With our Allurminating Face and Body Shimmer, we've made this possible. The small, pom-pom-like ball is pre-pack with superfine 3D shimmer, allowing you to gain that impactful glow at a moment's notice.

The applicator itself is incredibly comfortable. The plush and ultra-soft design allows for a gentle application, making the experience of our shimmer body powder even more extraordinary.

How to use the Allurminating Face and Body Shimmer

Applying the Alluriminating Shimmer Body Powder is straightforward and requires very little preparation to reach a satisfactory result. By following the how-to guide below, you'll be applying it like a professional:

  1. (Optional) apply your favorite lotion or body oil to the area of application

  2. Firmly place the ball on the bottom of the box and massage it into the powder to loosen it

  3. Place the ball on the area you'd like the body shimmer on and start brushing it into your skin

What makes this powder fantastic is the quick application process. In a matter of seconds, you can have a quick glow-up, allowing you to focus on the rest of your day.

3. Finish Glow Illuminating Makeup Setting Spray

The last product we launched for this glowing movement is the Rose Gold Illuminating Makeup Setting Spray. We created this to complement our other products. This, along with our shimmer body powder and liquid makeup highlighter, provides our users with the ultimate glowing appearance.

However, it doesn't only add to the visual aesthetics; it does much more than that. When applying this Illuminating Makeup Setting Spray, users can experience 16 hours of transfer-proof makeup, making them look fantastic all day.

How to use our Illuminating Makeup Setting Spray

Though our mission is to add to your makeup routine, we never want to increase the time it takes to apply your cosmetics. For this reason, we made this spray simple to use:

1. Complete your normal makeup routine

2. Spray this product on the area you'd like to protect

3. Watch the results and enjoy looking fabulous all-day

It's really as simple as that. Your normal makeup routine, apply the setting spray and enjoy.

Ready for a glow-up?

Glowing skin no longer takes years of dedicated skin routines. With our shimmer body powder, liquid makeup highlighter, and Illuminating makeup setting spray, you can achieve this result effortlessly.

If you want to achieve this glowing style today, let us help you. Take a look at our products and get the glow-up you deserve today.


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