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Natural looking Makeup Idea's for Beginner

Basic makeup techniques for beginners

Following these simple steps to a natural looking beautiful you. No over doing it, just clean beauty.

Your skin

You must prepare the surface of your skin before applying any layering to it. If you want the make-up to stay, then the foundation should be prepared before you can get the expected results. You need the perfect moisturizer for your skin type for your foundation to preform well. Primer is important and should be applied in a fine sheer layer, focusing on the forehead; chin and cheeks. Primer prepares the skin for makeup and gives the foundation a base to sit on and longevity.

Foundation and concealer

Now that your skin is prepared you are now ready to applying your makeup. The general approach is to start with the foundation after which the concealer will be applied or vice versa, as a professional makeup artist I like to apply concealer before, foundation then a light layer of concealer on top of of the foundation focusing under the eyes, bride of the nose, forehead T zone area and chin.

Makeup Foundation & Concealer


This step can be a little advance for beginners and sometimes intimidating. I don't believe as a beginner this is something you should obsess over, but if you want to learn, you will need to practice. The areas of the face that are contoured are your forehead (hairline), the nose to slim or correct a crocked appearance and to create check bones on a round face. This step takes practice if your serious about learning this technique. The best time to wear a contoured face is not when you're heading out with only an hour of practice, but at least a week or two after you have practice and have learned your face a little more. The idea is to learn a simple yet fresh makeup application, leave the heavy stuff alone now until you have the time to learn it properly.

The setting powder

Now that your concealer and foundation are in place, it's time to set the application with powder. Translucent powder is the best in my option because it does not add any color, especially if your foundation looks perfect. If your foundation appears to be chalky or too light, using a colored or banana powder can even out the tone giving your face a buttery smooth finish.

Blush and bronzer

These products are ideal to bring color and softness to your faces. Select shades that will go with your skin tone applying is softly and lightly. With your brush, gently bronze around these three areas on your face: hairline, cheekbones, and jawline. Select a color that will bring out the natural undertone of your skin. Apply the brush to the apples on your cheek. If you are not sure where this is, smile and you will discover the location through the image in the mirror. I can not stress enough that a little goes a long way here so don't overdue. Using too much blush incorrectly will give you an amateur over-made look, which is something you want to stay away from.

Your eye makeup

You are now ready to apply your eye makeup. As a beginner, start with one color and a soft highlight on your browbone and in the inner crease of your eyes close the tear duck. The color choice here should be natural: soft tones, nude browns, peaches, pink and golds. Think natural, pretty and clean. Eyeliner can be fun and rings deep to the eyes. Worn in top, bottom or both. For starters, use a pencil liner which will give you more control than using liquid. Liquid eyeliner takes practices and can be tricky: it can get into your eyes and cause a mess. Soft mascara with groomed brows is always the perfect combination to a natural looking pretty face.

Your lip products

Lips are an area where you can be more daring and more creative. Color, color and more color. The rule of lip color, if you go bold on the eyes, go soft on the lip. Bold lips, soft eyes, your face will always look off balance and never overdone.


Practice makes perfect, and perfect is your confidence in how you look.



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