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Alluring Faces Cosmetic Brand Owner Lisa Merritt
Professional makeup artist Lisa Merritt

Alluring Faces was created by a third generation Miami Native makeup artist Lisa Merritt. Out of the rich, natural colors that give Miami its iconic imagery – the vibrant orange of sunset skies, the aquamarine shimmering off of the pristine coastline, the delicate greens of tropical plants, even the allure of the flamingo’s pink feathers – Alluring Faces Cosmetics was born. In a world where illusions, facades and character makeup have become the norm, we’re about returning to a more authentic way of beauty. For us, that means less layers, less hassle, and less stress. We create makeup that celebrates the natural beauty and features that make you uniquely you. We’re bringing natural, soft glam back. And when we say natural, we mean it. That is why all of our products are vegan, organic, and as good for your skin as they look. No more caked on layers that dry you out. We’re going back to the basics, but more importantly, we’re going back to taking care of that delicate, beautiful skin you cherish so much. AFC is the vision of a lifelong professional makeup artist. With more than 25 years of experience in the art of makeup application and aesthetics, She developed a line of custom-blended makeup colors that are as diverse as the world we live in. Alluring Faces is about you. It is about looking your best and feeling even better. It’s about providing you with the best product ingredients you deserve. It’s a celebration of the natural realistic beauty found in every woman. It’s a celebration of you. We provide natural vegan products that help you feel comfortable applying them to your skin and body.  Welcome to Alluring Faces Cosmetics. 

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