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How To Use Bold Eye Shadows To create chic non dramatic makeup looks

Most eye shadows on the market are coming bolder with high pigmentation and intense color. For some, it can be a little intimidating looking at those intense reds, purple, blues and golds, then wondering, can I really use these colors without looking foolish or like a clown? Yes, you can! The key to it is using a soft hand when applying. Deep colors of emerald green and sparkling ocean turquoise can really magnify your eyes by using just a hint in the right areas. Instead of plastering your eyelid with color, use it in the tear duck area for a soft fun effect. Be careful of eyeshadow that has loose glitter. If glitter gets into your eyes, it won't be pretty, your eyes can get irritated and might even cause an infection. If you love glitter eye shadow, make sure it's made with a soft sticky consistency, which helps it stay on and in place. The video below shows how the glitter comes off while blowing.

The sticky lime green is from our Queen of Carnival Palette, which has 7 bold duo chrome colors and 18 bold matte creamy shades. Our Queen of Carnival Palette is beautiful or all skin tones.

Here are some eye makeup ideas of how to use bold colors for soft or intense looks. I am using our palettes Duo Chrome Eye Festival (black palette) as an example to show 2 types of applications below. You see how that dramatic royal blue and white shimmer can be used for dramatic and elegant?

Don't be afraid to try bold colors, the magic is in the application. Have fun and experiment. Always start soft and build, explore and create!


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